The Gift

​Mixed Media on Canvas by Carol J. Hay

The family representative of a nursing home resident is considered a member of the care plan team — not a guest who signs a form. If the resident cannot speak for oneself, this becomes critically essential.

The care plan should address medical, physical, mental, and social aspects of the resident’s life; it should be a goal-directed plan to maintain or enhance the resident’s experiences in all these areas to the highest practicable level of the resident (not the facility).

True care nurtures spiritual, mental & social health, not just physical.

Quality of Care

Quality of Care includes how a resident is treated every day: how staff help with bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, movement, how medications are used, and how accidents are handled. Residents should be treated with dignity; medications should not be used unnecessarily; and accidents should receive follow-up.

Health is number one, but it is just the foundation for a high quality of care and of life. It is not all there is to it.

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