The Founder and President of Our Mother’s Voice discusses the history and goals of the organization on the radio!

For the audio podcast:

For a video version of the interview:

For a summary of key changes in “phase two” of the new federal regulations that took effect November 28, 2017, from the Consumer Voice:


The Long-Term Care Community Coalition has published a Primer on Nursing Home Quality Standards including regulatory requirements considered most essential to resident safety, dignity and well-being, and featuring a Table of Contents with descriptive titles and clickable hyperlinks:


Human Rights Watch has published an in-depth study of the overuse of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes, including its impact on the lives of residents:

https: //

Consumer Voice and NORC have created several new training materials on the topic of abuse, neglect, exploitation and misappropriation of property.  The materials are based on the revised nursing home regulations.  The new materials can be used together as an educational toolkit for training by and for Ombudsman program representatives, for members of resident and family councils, facility in-service training and community education.

CMS has launched a new web page for consumers and families seeking Hospice care, providing comparative data on the performance of Hospice providers:


CMS has provided a web page with resources to assist consumers and providers to understand and properly implement the Jimmo v. Sebelius court settlement (which clarified that Medicare will pay for skilled nursing and therapy services regardless of anticipated improvement in the underlying condition):  


The Kaiser Family Foundation’s news service has published an article highlighting the challenges Medicare beneficiaries face in accessing Medicare funding for services despite the Jimmo ruling:


The Center for Medicare Advocacy has developed a toolkit of information and tips to help empower Medicare beneficiaries and advocates to appeal unfair denials of Medicare funding for skilled nursing facility care:


For a fact sheet on surveillance cameras in rooms of nursing home residents:


The Office of the Inspector General of the US has issued a report on the performance of nursing homes in investigating complaints 2011-2015, available here:


Many people do not realize that hospitals often keep patients on “observation status” – which is an outpatient “admission” – thus delaying or even removing the ability for Medicare to pay for in-patient admission to a rehabilitation or long-term care facility once they leave the hospital.  For a “toolkit” to learn about “observation status” and how to advocate, visit:


The Pioneer Network, trailblazers for culture change in nursing homes, has published a compilation of case studies demonstrating the life-changing outcomes of person-directed care in a variety of nursing homes – for both residents and facilities:


Consumer Voice has published a guide to the new Home and Community Based Services rule:


Consumer Voice has initiated a newsletter for residents, to empower them to be their own advocates (families can also benefit from this resource).  Issues can be accessed and downloaded here:


An article from JustCare warns that “chain” (i.e. corporate-owned multi-location) nursing homes may not mean quality:


The Long-Term Care Community Coalition has published a brief about the importance of staffing levels to quality of care in nursing homes, what the regulations say about “sufficient” staffing, and how advocates can find out about staffing levels:

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We have not tried to be exhaustive in discussing these topics, or including all the issues that will arise when families face the life changes of placing a loved one in a nursing home. And for many families, providing care at home is the best option – a decision which also brings challenges. These links to the resources of others will help to further equip families to become strong advocates not only for their own family members but also for systems change in the field of long-term care, whether that care takes place in a nursing facility or with assistance in the home.

We encourage you to explore these resources; and if you find others that we haven’t included, please let us know at so that we can add them to our compendium.

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