The Founder and President of Our Mother’s Voice discusses the history and goals of the organization on the radio!

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​The South Carolina Oral Health Coalition’s Older Adult Work Group, in collaboration with the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina, has developed and distributed a training curriculum in oral health care competency for certified nursing assistants and other caregivers for those who need assistance with oral care.  Oral health is essential for overall health, and especially so for those who are frail and at risk for nutritional deficits.  This curriculum is available free online at

And for additional training in providing oral care for those with dementia, Oral Health America has this resource:


For the 2018 report on Alzheimer’s facts and figures from the Alzheimer’s Association:


For a summary of the federal rules about discharge from a nursing home:


for a Consumer Voice tip sheet summarizing steps to problem-solving in a nursing home:


For a quick reference defining abuse, neglect, exploitation, and the requirements for nursing homes to protect residents:


The “improvement standard” can no longer be cited as a reason to discontinue Medicare payment for therapies or other skilled services:


for a nationwide resource to assist inlocating various types of care for elders:


Frontotemporal Degeneration is a rare and specific type of dementia with unique challenges.  It is often mis-diagnosed.  Access the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration to learn about this form of dementia:


For a series of brief video presentations on many aspects related to dementia, presented by an expert from the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health Office for the Study of Aging and Institute of Medicine and Public Health:

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We have not tried to be exhaustive in discussing these topics, or including all the issues that will arise when families face the life changes of placing a loved one in a nursing home. And for many families, providing care at home is the best option – a decision which also brings challenges. These links to the resources of others will help to further equip families to become strong advocates not only for their own family members but also for systems change in the field of long-term care, whether that care takes place in a nursing facility or with assistance in the home.

We encourage you to explore these resources; and if you find others that we haven’t included, please let us know at so that we can add them to our compendium.

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