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There is a great wealth of information available "out there" that many are not aware exists.

The Founder and President of Our Mother’s Voice discusses the history and goals of the organization on the radio!

For the audio podcast:


For a video version of the interview:


​If this article doesn’t convince you of the benefits of person-centered care vs. anti-psychotic medications, we don’t know what will:

For a personal story about the dangers of misdiagnosis and how that puts a life at risk when medical professionals stop looking for answers:

We mention inexpensive resources for staff training on our site, and CMS has just updated one FREE resource, its “Hand-In-Hand” training for staff working with people with dementia.  Anyone can access it FREE at this link:
Feel free to PASS IT ON if a facility you know needs training (whether they claim they have trained staff or not!)

CMS has also begun developing a series of “toolkits” to help nursing homes improve care and safety for residents.  The first is now available (scroll about 2/3 down the page), along with a list of their ongoing activities in this nation-wide project:

For a state-specific tool to learn about the quality of health care providers, including doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes:

 For a primer on nursing home quality standards based on the CMS federal regulations and produced by the Long-Term Care Community Coalition:

The Center for Medicare Advocacy has issued a checklist to help patients when the so-called (and illegal) “improvement standard” is used to deny Medicare payment for skilled nursing and therapy care:

Quick Links

We have not tried to be exhaustive in discussing these topics, or including all the issues that will arise when families face the life changes of placing a loved one in a nursing home. And for many families, providing care at home is the best option – a decision which also brings challenges. These links to the resources of others will help to further equip families to become strong advocates not only for their own family members but also for systems change in the field of long-term care, whether that care takes place in a nursing facility or with assistance in the home.

We encourage you to explore these resources; and if you find others that we haven’t included, please let us know at contact@ourmothersvoice.org so that we can add them to our compendium.

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